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Robert Elster – Still Breathing.

Robert Elster – Still Breathing.

Today is a very big day for not JOOF Recordings, but musically for the scene. John 00 fleming has been fortunate to work with Vibrasphere in the past and released their music on JOOF, we can all say that we were devastated when we got the news thats Vibrasphere had split and the wonderful music had come to an end. This left a huge gap musically in the scene.

Today is special because we’re very proud be bringing back one half of Vibrasphere, Robert Elster whom has that Vibrasphere sound built into him. To put the icing on the cake, he’s delivered a whole album that we’re proud to be releasing on JOOF Mantra today.
This album is outstanding and probably the best Trance music I’ve heard for a very long time, I adore the Scandinavian take on the Psy/Progressive Trance scene and Robert has delivered, he’s a rare outstanding musical genius.
We’re super proud to bring you Robert Elster ‘Still Breathing’ released today – JOOF Mantra.


4 July 2016 News