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JOOF Aura brings you new guys Matter & Universal Harmonics.

Matter & Universal Harmonics Music team up to throttle your ear with their dark and memorable sound. With fantastic drums, and immense atmosphere, and a rhythm that will have dancefloors screaming for more, Mesosphere is one for the DJ Box.

31 July 2017 News Read more

Shanti V Deedrah’s new release ‘Soaring With The Angels’ is simply sublime.

Come find uplifting psy-trance like you’ve never heard it before, with Deedrah​, Shanti V Deedrah​, & MOD3RN8​s ‘Soaring with the Angels’. Woven with a techy psychedelic groove that’s encapsulated with beautiful uplifting plucks that’s gently stitched around a sanguine atmosphere, Soaring with the Angels will have you dancing in Valhalla.

26 June 2017 News Read more

The Digital Blonde & Simon Motnikar join forces with ‘Subversive World’.

If you’ve come to drown your sorrows in atmosphere, come and meet The Digital Blonde​ & Simon Motnikar. Off the back of his acclaimed album, ‘The Witches’ Ricky teams up with Simon Motnikar to bring you ‘Subversive World’, a lesson in wonderful trance music production that quite simply speaks for itself.

12 June 2017 News Read more

When was the last time you heard a progressive track that made you want to dance? Lost Shaman will fix that problem.

Embellished with a driving bassline, state of the art synth work, and gorgeous drums ‘Resistance to the Mainstream’ is the anti-thesis to pop world, and what fitting title it is. Inside, you’ll be blown away by this hypnotic, heads down release.

29 May 2017 News Read more

Newcomer Skaivox takes us into the netherworld this week with the slamming ‘Ominously Bright Spheres EP’.

Tech-trance influenced and absolutely slamming, let Skaivox take you into the netherworld. Forget conventional, boring, monotonous techno, Skaivox takes techno to the next level with Spica. With a futuristic groove, rising arps, and state-of-the art percussion that is simply out of this world.

22 May 2017 News Read more

Breeze into the magnetic cosmos that SuprSi creates in ‘Mellifluous’.

Woven with rich drums, a captivating groove, and enthralling atmospheres, SuprSi extends his love of all things progressive and innovates in a scene that’s thriving.

8 May 2017 News Read more

The Wizard Tripy is back with his spellbinding EP ‘Nuclear Device’.

Get ready for the groove of the century with Tripy’s ‘Nuclear Device’. One of our masters of pure psy-trance here at JOOF, Nuclear Device is quite simply tripadelic. Embellished with a gorgeous acid rise in the breakdown that slams straight back into a lovely groove.

28 April 2017 News Read more

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