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Monojoke returns to JOOF Aura with the elegantly fitting ‘Hollow Child’.

Monojoke is a name that has become synonymous with high-quality progressive, and ‘Hollow Child’ greatly exceeds the quality threshold that we set here at JOOF Aura. Inside ‘Hollow Child’, you’ll find an evanescent atmosphere, gorgeous percussive stabs, and a deep-seated groove that will entrance tribes on the dancefloor.

24 October 2016 News Read more

Out this week we welcome back the JOOF DJ sessions mix series, this time complied by Tim Penner.

We felt the time is perfect to reignite our JOOF DJ sessions mix series, this being at a time when there’s a resurgence in the more specialist side of the scene. These mix complications are a perfect platform to showcase some of the best in the new generation of talent that are gracing clubs around the world. We turn to Toronto for our next session to a guy who has become a local hero as well as being one of the most forward thinking producers on this planet that has got the attention of the likes of Guy J and John Digweed.

3 October 2016 News Read more

Rick Pier O’Neil is back with the lavish ‘Absolom’ on JOOF Aura.

Rick Pier O’Neil, a man with an immense and vast back-catalog of incredibly entrancing music, lights fire to JOOF Aura with the lavish ‘Absolom’. A luscious delight to the ears, Absolom is brush-stroked with deep-tribal grooves, menacing pads, and a dark atmosphere. Produced with pure vehemence, and topped off with a love for all things gloomy, ‘Absolom’ is best enjoyed amidst dusk.

12 September 2016 News Read more

Gordey Tsukanov, a trail-blazing chieftain of deep and melodic trance music returns to us with ‘Anomaly’.

With his preceding release on JOOF, support for Gordey emanated throughout the scene, including support from Aly & Fila on their wondrous essential mix. Anomaly is awash with fervent melodies, deep-seated grooves, and a hypnotic undertone, all conjured together with a hint of psychedelia.

29 August 2016 News Read more

Mathov, an artist with a love for all things dark, returns to JOOF Aura.

Mandala is psy-inspired, hypnotic, and tribal. it’s a courageous dark ceremony to the dusky and somber side of progressive aimed at squarely at creating those intimate heads-down moments.

22 August 2016 News Read more

Out on Mantra this week we have new guys Fonarev & Second Sine with their masterpiece ‘Lucid Logic’.

Russia’s superstar ‘Fonarev’ and up-and-coming trance vanguard Second Sine, celestially weave their profoundly touching sound to bring you Lucid Logic. Inside this sensational single you’ll find a furious groove, entrancing harmonies, and an enigmatic atmosphere. Take out your tissues, Lucid Logic is the perfect blend of Psychedelia, Trance, and Epicness.

15 August 2016 News Read more

‘What Makes Us Human’, another deep and careful emotional journey, courtesy of You Are My Salvation.

Delicately imbued with finely illuminated vocals, a deeply melancholic score, and a prodding bassline, ‘What Makes Us Human’ is aimed squarely at a more sinister dancefloor.

8 August 2016 News Read more

Amygdala, an artist of the highest caliber is back on JOOF Mantra.

‘Procyon EP’ is the quintessential and orgasmic blend of tech-driven, goa-inspired, and acid-obsessed psy-trance. These vibrations were seductively crafted in darkness, and is some of the deepest psy-trance we’ve ever heard. Put down your phones, this is a heads-down moment.

25 July 2016 News Read more

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