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Robert Elster ‘Still Breathing’ album hits number 1 in both Trance and Psy Trance Charts.

More congratulations go to Robert Elster (Ex Vibrasphere) as his stunning album ‘Still Breathing’ has hit number 1 in both Trance & Psy Trance charts! And very well deserved too. We couldn’t be more proud.

11 July 2016 News Read more

Robert Elster – Still Breathing.

Today is a very big day for not JOOF Recordings, but musically for the scene. John 00 fleming has been fortunate to work with Vibrasphere in the past and released their music on JOOF, we can all say that we were devastated when we got the news thats Vibrasphere had split and the wonderful music had come to an end. This left a huge gap musically in the scene.

4 July 2016 News Read more

JOOF Boy Gary Delaney is back, this time with a new sound that he hasn’t explored before…all we can say is wow!

JOOF Boy Gary Delaney is back, this time with a new sound that he hasn’t explored before. Named after Arya Stark’s fierce direwolf, ‘Nymeria’ is lush with a mysterious atmospheres, otherworldly vocals, and tribal percussion that will send dancefloors into the netherworld. On remix duties we have JOOF Legend The Digital Blonde and the contemporary Rafael Osmo whom each add their own unique flair. This one is not to be missed.

27 June 2016 News Read more

Out Today on JOOF Aura we have the magnificent Onez!e.

We were blown away by Onez!e when we received his demo here for JOOF Aura, his sound elegantly exceeds and surpasses the high quality threshold we have at JOOF Aura. Inside you’ll find celestial pads, mystifying melodies, and radiant basslines. Onez!e’s work is woven with silk and presented with love.

27 June 2016 News Read more

JOOF Recordings 18 years album has hit number one in the beatport Charts.

This year we celebrate JOOF Recording’s 18th birthday and it looks like everyone else is too, thanks for all the love and continued support you have shown us throughout the years, We also must thank all the producers that make the foundation of JOOF records.

21 June 2016 News Read more

JOOF Recordings 18th birthday.

In life, your 18th birthday elegantly signifies your maturity, perseverance, and your independence. This year we celebrate JOOF’s 18th birthday and we are thriving in our prime and flowering with all of our amazing and ambitious artists.
We offered our artists a challenge for all of our wonderful JOOF fans, we asked them to remix and add their miraculous flavour to JOOF Classics: A daunting, yet rewarding challenge.

14 June 2016 News Read more

Out This week on JOOF Recordings.

Tech-Trance is back! Label boss John 00 Fleming jumped to sign this outstanding track from Stephen Kirkwood as soon as it graced his ears. Stephen’s ferocious track ‘The Wolf’ is bustling with groove, hard hitting tech stabs, and startling beat breaks that will rock any dancefloor, this is all woven together by a gorgeous break. Stephen’s a diverse trailblazer in Trance scene, and he’s not one to be missed!

1 June 2016 News Read more

Flux BPM Online Interview John 00 Fleming for his album Alter Ego.

The legend DJ, music producer, label owner, and radio host John 00 Fleming has recently released his third long player called Alter Ego. The album has been welcomed from the electronic music online community and there were positive remarks from fanbase and reviews too. It is fantastic that despite his busy schedule John has found time to reply in our questions and he gave us some interesting glimpse of the backstage process of producing this psy trance masterpiece. Of course the interview attempts to place the album within the past, present and future of John 00 Fleming magnificent career who has left his stamp in the electronic music scene and his legacy will be discussed in the years to come. John has helped many new artists to come forward and find platform in his label and radio show to communicate their music with the wider public.  Press Play on your media player and enjoy Alter Ego while you read his though provoking honest and really truthful answers.

23 May 2016 News Read more

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