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Eager to make more noise and shatter expectations, Gordey Tsukanov comes to us with ‘Anesthesia’.

Gordey Tsukanov​ has become an elite trailblazer in the progressive trance scene, with support from the world’s top DJs with every single one of his releases. Eager to make more noise and shatter expectations, he comes to us with ‘Anesthesia’. With an aggressive bassline, topped with dark melodies and a cyberpunk atmosphere, ‘Anesthesia’ will numb your senses like your favourite drug, slipping and sliding all over everything.

16 October 2017 News Read more

New guys to JOOF Aura ‘The Stupid Experts’ bring you ‘Full Moon Rising’.

Ally Brown and Dave Walker present’s The Stupid Experts, a progressive techno project that breathes fire into JOOF Aura. With enthralling eastern vocals, delirious atmospheres, and groundbreaking drums, ‘Full Moon Rising’ will make the dancefloor quake and move.

2 October 2017 News Read more

Out this week we have Tim Bourne with the lustrous ‘Akasha’.

Prodigy Tim Bourne blasts us away with ‘Akasha’ on Mantra. We’re showcasing some serious growth here in a producer as he creates his biggest track to date. Full of seductive gated vocals, a pulsating bassline, and tripadelic atmosphere’s Akasha is one of the strongest singles we’ve heard this year!

18 September 2017 News Read more

Tim Penner, our progressive Canadian jewel blows us away with ‘The Gatekeeper’.

Awash with futuristic rhythms, and lovely atmospheres, Penner flies us elegantly into his own Valhalla. He’s the man of the moment, with support from Solar Stone, Will Atkinson, Indecent Noise, Markus Schulz, Lange, Alex Di Stefano and many more.

11 September 2017 News Read more

Rick Pier O’Neil is back with a sensational single ‘Throaty’ on JOOF Aura.

Known elsewhere as RPO and Perry O’Neil, Rick Pier O’Neil is a household name in trance and progressive. Pushing the boundaries, ‘throaty’ is progressive, dark, and captivating using state-of-the art tools and creativity to help form Rick’s incredible vision.

25 August 2017 News Read more

JOOF Aura brings you new guys Matter & Universal Harmonics.

Matter & Universal Harmonics Music team up to throttle your ear with their dark and memorable sound. With fantastic drums, and immense atmosphere, and a rhythm that will have dancefloors screaming for more, Mesosphere is one for the DJ Box.

31 July 2017 News Read more

Shanti V Deedrah’s new release ‘Soaring With The Angels’ is simply sublime.

Come find uplifting psy-trance like you’ve never heard it before, with Deedrah​, Shanti V Deedrah​, & MOD3RN8​s ‘Soaring with the Angels’. Woven with a techy psychedelic groove that’s encapsulated with beautiful uplifting plucks that’s gently stitched around a sanguine atmosphere, Soaring with the Angels will have you dancing in Valhalla.

26 June 2017 News Read more

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