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JOOF Editions- Various Artists

JOOF Editions- Various Artists

Label: JOOF Recordings

Release date: 2014-03-24

Catalog number: JOOF 172

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John 00 Fleming proudly admits hell always be a DJ first, this is firmly backed up by impressive statistics selling over 10 million DJ mix compilations albums over the past 17 years. In the current market place of producer DJs, these figures explain why he has stood out from the crowd, his unique talent making him one of the most respected DJs on this planet and why he has sustained such a long healthy career. There’s no hiding from the fact John has been disgruntled with the current commercial intrusion into the scene, it wasn’t allowing him to express himself musically, so he set about creating an environment allowing him to be that true DJ. JOOF Editions tour concept was born. Dark room, big sound systems, hidden DJ booth and extended sets have been the simple recipe that has attracted likewise music lovers from across the globe. 32 sold out JOOF Edition tours around the world last year, shows just how popular this has become. It makes sense to make a mix compilation to celebrate the success of JOOF Editions, now in its eighth year. A connoisseur performing long sets, John found that the old format of a CD wont allow him to do his job properly.
He’ll be restricted to 80 mins each mix. Being a self acclaimed technology geek that also bagged him as one of the main product development team at Pioneer and Range Rover, that forward thinking mind put together a full 4-hour mix to be released digitally. This way the musical journey will be unbroken and allows him to reach to all musical corners of his record box to create the exact same experience that you’ll have listening to one of this extend sets in a club ‘This is the deepest, darkest, hypnotic and most experimental album I’ve ever compiled and mixed . Eventually for those hundreds of fans that ask the question ‘did you record your set?’
he can firmly say yes and present the very first in a series of JOOF Editions mix compilations.