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Label: JOOF Recordings

Release date: 2013-11-11

Catalog number: JOOF160

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Mahadeva (Lyctum Remix)
Astral Projection, Lyctum

They say history repeats itself, well it certainly has for this track on JOOF. This will be the second time we have released a remake of this all time Astral Projection classic, the first time around was in 1999 with the epic John 00 Fleming remix.

This whole project was possible due to JOOF’s original label partner being Transient records, the original home of Astral Projection. The Astral boys have kindly given their blessing for this awesome 2013 remix by the man of the moment Lyctum. He made this track off his own back and presented it to us for our thoughts. All of us were blown away with this remake, absolutely outstanding job.

Once again, we’re proud to be apart of this reincarnation.