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Label: JOOF Recordings

Release date: 2014-06-30

Catalog number: JOOF186

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Pulse (Original Mix)
Solar Fields
Pulse (Airwave Remix)
Airwave, Solar Fields

Solar Fields is without a doubt one of the most talented electronic producers weve seen on this planet. Under moniker Solar Fields, he composed 12 albums and appeared on over 60 various compilations. The first solo release, Reflective Frequencies, signed on Ultimae in 2001 presented an ambient music patchwork with a constant yet ever-changing structure, at times cold and mechanic, at others warm and soothing. A very promising debut which set the pace for Blue Moon Station two years later, where the artist explored the high tech downtempo and trance energies and focused on the notion of a long fluid story in a futuristic environment.

The last couple of years weve seen Solar Fields focusing on the more chill ambient side of his career, so a little nudge and encouragement from label boss John 00 fleming made Solar Fields rediscover this dance side of himself to produce this outstanding master piece that were super proud to release hear at JOOF Recordings. Pulse was born.

To add icing to this very special cake, a producer that also shares the title of being one of the most talented producers on the planet, firmly put his hand up to do remix duties after hearing the news of our signing. Airwave brings his outstanding breaks goodness making one of the highest quality releases thats weve seen on JOOF Recordings.