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What Makes Us Human

What Makes Us Human

Label: JOOF Recordings

Release date: 2016-08-08

Catalog number: JOOF261

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What Makes Us Human (Original Mix)
You Are My Salvation
What Makes Us Human (Omauha Remix)
You Are My Salvation, Omauha
What Makes Us Human (John Dopping Evolution)
John Dopping, You Are My Salvation

‘What Makes Us Human’, another deep and careful emotional journey, courtesy of You Are My Salvation. Delicately imbued with finely illuminated vocals, a deeply melancholic score, and a prodding bassline, ‘What Makes Us Human’ is aimed squarely at a more sinister dancefloor.

On remix duties we have John Dopping, who converts the original into a experimental masterpiece and Omauha, who further brings out the gorgeous atmosphere and entrancing melancholy contained within.