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Forty Cats makes her debut on JOOF Recordings with a riveting duo of records.

Reborn is awash with lovely arps that elegantly glide and change shape throughout this hypnotic monster, lovely builds and a cheeky groove continue to compliment the track. Imaginary Space provides a complimentary B-Side, with uplifting yet sincere melodies, and a flattering build.

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Moscow based Daniel Lesden has been a huge part of the JOOF family for many years, not only as a producer but as an integral part of the JOOF Recordings A&R team.

It’s this extra knowledge that has given him the gift to be able to look forward into the musical future, something he’s sending a clear message with on the new single. A wonderful fresh sounding release, breaking boundaries away from any genre creating something that is truly unique. Daniel Lesden is certainly one to watch for.

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John ’00’ Fleming mans the JOOF Recordings interstellar ship with ‘Space Odyssey’.

A valiant transmission of darkness to the masses that’s shrouded in underground atmospheres, a billowing bassline, and hard-hitting stabs. The bass is ground-shaking, with grizzly textures to match. Hear the screams of intergalactic wars echo throughout ‘Space Odyssey’ as John paints his vision of a neo-trance sound. 

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Basil O’Glue hits back once again with his ground-breaking EP ‘Traitor’s Pledge’.

Fine grooves, dystopian atmosphere’s and heavy basslines are present throughout this amazing release. Finely curated to perfection, Traitor’s Pledge will have dancefloors turning to heads down music once again.

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Earth-shattering basslines, glorious harmonic arps, and mesmerizing textures, these are the elements of the JOOF Sound.

Jacob Singer’s ‘Bishma’ is forward thinking, it takes the ever-present techno sound that has engulfed the world and infuses it with modern and futuristic synthwork.

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A trip through darkness, a journey through space, an odyssey to behold. Fuenka, hits JOOF with his incredible release, ‘Odyssey’.

Invigoratingly dark atmosphere’s shroud this release, a rolling bassline follows, alongside ominous synths creating texture upon texture to capture what is ultimately a glorious melancholic and angry release.

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SUB33 makes their debut on JOOF Aura.

Filthy stabs, a haunting bassline, and dark atmospheres are what makes SUB33’s ‘Ingress’ so spectacular. Clever percussion is consistent throughout this wonderful 2 track release. The B-Side, first encounter has a lush undertone, coupled with a thumping bassline and haunting moog synths. 

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