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Matt Allaby comes to as at JOOF Recordings with his enormous record ‘Hiding to Nothing’.

It’s deep, dark, and mysterious – full of ground shaking basslines, granular glitched out vocals, and uplifting soundscapes that are ultimately shrouded in darkness.

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The Stupid Experts are a hallmark of the progressive house revolution here at JOOF.

Intricate and possessed with atmospheres, ‘Anomaly’ is a ground breaking achievement from the well loved duo. Woven with love, care, and affection alongside beautiful synth-work, progression, and transitions, ‘Anomaly’ is for all lovers of electronic music.

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JOOF Editions, VOL. 5 – Various Artists

A decision was made to shake things up. Once that was done, says John 00 Fleming, that change took on a life of its own”. The “it” JOOF refers to is ‘Editions’ – his rule-adverse compilation series, which is currently on the touchline, warming up for its fifth outing. The most apparent modification is in the number of DJs mixing it, which has leapt – quadrupling (yup!) from one to four. “Originally I was just going to bring in one other, but amazing co-mixing suggestions kept coming up. Those suggestions turned into options and, well, here we are!”

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Our 300th release comes from progressive Templar Gai Barone and ‘Boston’ is the finest definition of his fiery sound.

It’s analog, it’s musical, it’s the sound that keeps the heart of soulful trance music alive. He has out done himself, three bespoke tracks – the original which explores an organic analog sound, the Underground mix to explore the darkest caves of your emotions. He concludes the journey with the morning mix, an audible transcendence into Valhalla.

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The legendary Airwave returns to JOOF Recordings, with his longly-awaiting EP Attraction.

Laurent softly imbues different and contrasting sounds from multiple genres, creating a spring of life with ‘Attraction’. It’s gracious yet sinister – with delicate atmospheres and ground-shaking drums. It’s cautious yet creative – the Airwave sound is kept firmly inline, yet notably explores the intricacies of multiple genres. 

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JOOF stalwart Tim Penner returns with this mesmerizing single ‘Oceans Between’.

Cut from his fine Slideway’s sound, these two tracks are divinely devout to the original sound of Trance in a modern, state-of-the-art fashion. Glory surrounds Oceans Between; a track that makes a tech-like entree, but gradually becomes immersed in the most delicate of atmospheres. An acidic arpeggio leads at the forefront of this tune, adding not only energy, but also a splash of hypnotic vitality to his wondrous sound.

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DeCode – Moments Lost In Time

Its been a while in the making, as frustrating as it was waiting for the return of DeCode to JOOF, the wait was well worth it. These tracks are a thing of beauty, swamped with musical bliss and outstanding hypnotic moments. This is exactly what the JOOF sound is all about.

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JOOF 20 YEARS – Mixed by JOOF Residents Gary Delaney, Facade & Daniel Lesden.

JOOF Recordings is an underground label founded by John 00 Fleming in 1998 thats become synonymous and a major force with the specialist Progressive/Trance worlds.
Staying true to its original ethos and spirit of forward thinking underground electronic music has been the roots of its success that in return has created a cult following of fans. Blurring the rules of modern genres those fans simply call it ‘The JOOF Sound’, a testament creating your own niche sound. Celebrating its 20th year this year, is a huge achievement and milestone, the big players of the industry acknowledging this, ‘one of the true bastions of the underground electronic scene’ said Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1.
Acting as A&R John 00 Fleming has signed and nurtured the careers of many; Tim Penner, Airwave, Basil O’Glue, Paul Thomas, The stupid Experts, EEEMUS and many more. His drive and passion will continue to keep JOOF recordings futuristic vision for another 20 years, along with his hugely successful JOOF Editions events around the world showcasing JOOF talent.
To celebrate the milestone, JOOF residents and A&R team have created three outstanding mixes.

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