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Slam Duck fills your soul full of acid in through this illustrious & ambitious EP.

The ‘Acid Jedi EP’ does exactly what it says on the tin! Slam Duck fills your soul full of acid in through this illustrious & ambitious EP. Crafted with 303s, ethereal vocals, and haunting pads, we’re brought on a triumphant trip across two tracks. Slam Duck has raised the bar for this type of progressive as he constantly takes influence from the Platipus sound and brings back up to date.

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Russia’s finest, Gordey Tsukanov returns to JOOF Recordings with his latest belter ‘Image & Panorama’.

A hypnotic EP that will take you on a trip to furthest reaches of your mind and expand your knowledge of trance on it’s own.

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Organic Function returns to JOOF Recordings with his vivacious new EP, ‘Complacency’.

Cemented with a clever groove, a sanguine melody, and groovy drums, Organic Function’s latest EP is the ultimate set-ender. Let Organic Function bring a smile to your face with his ‘organic’ sounding production skills and neat & tidy engineering.

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New guy to JOOF Mantra Eli Spiral brings us the magnificent ‘Here & Now’.

At JOOF Recordings, we search high & low for people innovating within the Psy-Trance scene. Eli Spiral is one of those innovators. He keeps his production classy whilst also adding the perfect flavor of psychedelic & hallucinogenic musical moments. With hypnotic samples, a groovy progressive bassline, and acid-a-plenty.

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Dowden graces JOOF Recordings with the incredible EP ‘Sinister’.

Forged from fine production, Onez!e returns under his more sinister alias ‘Dowden’. ‘Sinister’ is awash with ground-shaking percussion, lush atmospheres, and incredible melodies. Hailing from Canada, you can hear the influence of the country’s beautiful landscape on his productions, woven together with his impeccable ear for captivating music, Sinister will have audiences pining for more from this.

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JOOF Editions Volume 4 Mixed By John 00 Fleming

To truly push the envelope, logic dictates you must first bin its respective rulebook. In conceiving his JOOF Editions series, that’s what John 00 Fleming did with mix comp’s rubric. He imagined a higher, more reflective calling for the medium, taking it beyond that of mere DJs’ ‘calling card’. A means to an end, ‘Editions’ convention-busting 4-hour + runtimes provide a 1-for-1, real-time mirroring of the XL 00 Fleming experience.
That though is now four-year-old history. In the intervening years, ‘JOOF Editions’ have become John’s established ‘norm’ the only way he does compilation business. On cue, this March sees him deliver its fourth voluminous volume. Heightened mix comp orders naturally call for ever more exacting measures, and ‘in JOOF Editions 4’s assembly, John has once again been unwavering in the collative pursuit. In the quest for its audio, no studio stone has gone unturned – a trek that has taken him to the doors of producers ranged from the legendary to the neophyte.
Over 276 minutes you’ll find material from a virtual Who’s Who of prog-trance’s best known and capable. Max Graham, L.S.G., Quivver, Union Jack, Airwave, Orkidea, The Digital Blonde, Moshic you name ’em, they’re represented. Equally there’s audio from its 21st Century class – Jerome Isma Ae & Alastor, Guy J, Stan Kolev, Tim Penner, Basil O’Glue, Rick Pier O’Neil, Paul Thomas, Facade all making ‘V4’s cut. For every recognisable name though, there’s a track from a producer in whom John’s seen significant future promise.
JOOF Recordings’ arrivals like Alex Morelli, The Stupid Experts, Roby M Rage and Robert Elster all marshal.
As naturally does the deep floor conquistador himself, with John including new JOOFware like ‘Planet X’, ‘Protected By Karma’ and his latest single, ‘We Close Doors’. At its outset, ‘Editions 4’s style-band is locked into the cooler paced, ether-soaked and more celestially esoteric. Zero convulsions or shock value contrivances, its feel is a constant flux of minor ebb & contrasting flow. An engrossing trip, it’s one that looks not out but up. As it progresses – matched by sounds, by degrees tougher, more impressing and forceful, its pace imperceptibly increases. Galactic in feel, size and tone, piece by painstaking piece, another classic’s been built.

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Mathov aka Mathieu Meyer returns to JOOF Aura with the fantastic Nabrisa which comes backed up with a classy remix from Ettica.

French DJ and producer MathOv has been doing the rounds for a number of years and gained a very respectable rep in the process. He is a lover of deep progressive vibes with ethnic flavours and endeavours to keep his music in the underground. Over the years he has seen his music released on top labels like Mystique Music, OLD SQL Recordings and Bonzai Progressive as well as previous outings on our parent label JOOF Recordings. His music has gained the support of some of the finest names including Airwave, Kintar, John 00 Fleming, Dark Soul Project and Moshic. He believes in releasing his music slowly so he can put as much effort into the sound as he can to deliver the highest quality. For the last 5 years he has been running his own radioshow, Tour de Trance, which focussed on uplifting sounds, but now he feels the time has come to step away from that and move into a more deeper progressive style with psytrance in mind. His new monthly show is now on DIFM on the Progressive Psytrance channel. Lots more to come from this gifted producer so stay tuned.
The Original Mix delivers an epic charged intro full of wonderful cinematic sounds before a tight breaks drum pattern erupts to get us into the groove. Deep droning basses move through the sound with a dominating force while acid riffs tear up the groove. Big synths dish out a dark 80’s inspired theme as soaring pads add rich textures to the sound. Cascading arpeggios blend perfectly creating cool melodies making this an absolute must have cut for an intro or peak time climax.
Producer, DJ and all round nut job, Ettica marks his JOOF Aura debut with this stunning remix which is a superbly crafted spectacle of fusing sounds. For Ettica it’s all about dirty bass line grooves, chunky beats, massive build ups and detonating drops, fusing hard grimy beats with tribal Brazilian drums and twisted techno vibes. He not only manages to create an exciting balance of all but delivery is achieved with a spicy, hypnotic deepness. Captivated by dance music, he started producing at the age of 14, pulling banging Drum ‘n’ Bass, Hardcore, Hardhouse and Breakbeat tunes out of the bag. At the ripe old age of 30 and in collaboration with Death proof recordings, Lot 49, Fiasco London, lmp, Pro-Ject Records, Ettica has dusted off and polished up and is now producing some very unique music. Infamous for mixing it all up, his DJ sets are structured to the same rhythm as his writing – a jumbled assortment of everything from house and tech house to progressive and techno. An exciting addition to the JOOF roster no doubt. On the remix here Ettica wastes no time in getting our asses shakin’ with his tech fuelled beats and dynamically charged sound. Pumping kicks and slicing hi hats dish out a tight rhythm as super low end basses go to work. Contrast subtle melodic arpeggios create a surreal atmosphere alongside cool vox pads. After the break we get back into full on mode with an interesting acid sequence which gives the track an added hypnotic layer. Top notch stuff.

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Israeli DJ and producer Anton Maiko better known as Mindwave delivers his superb Dream On/Off EP to JOOF Aura which continues a string of quality cuts we’ve seen from him on JOOF Recordings and JOOF Mantra.

Anton is influenced by a wide spectrum of electronic music and world music. Over the years he has formed a unique atmospheric signature sound that can be found in his productions. To date he has released five studio albums and a plethora of tracks on several labels including Black Hole Recordings, Perfecto and many others. In a recent interview for Deepersense he explains how he translates his vision into sound, where he gets inspiration and how he uses his two musical personas to creates divers and contrasting sounds, well worth checking out. He has also remixed a slew of top artists such as Ace Venutra, Liquid Soul, Protonica, Vibrasphere, John 00 Fleming, Jaia and Rocky just to name a few. Touring the world from Europe to Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and South Africa, Anton took part in major festivals and events like Boom Festival, OZORA Festival, Airbeat One, Fusion Festival, Sunburn, Summer Never Ends, Psychedelic Circus, Tree Of Life and many more.

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