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Dark Matter notches up a solid JOOF Recordings debut with this sublime epic two tracker entitled ‘Something Inside Me Died’.

Dark Matter notches up a solid JOOF Recordings debut with this sublime epic two tracker entitled Something Inside Me Died. Dark Matter resides in multiple genres of electronic music, effortlessly moving between sounds which can be found on a plethora of labels. Notable works can be found on top labels and hammered out in many playlists by top jocks. The rich diversity this artist conjures up is something to behold which makes this release something special. A pleasure to welcome Dark Matter to the JOOF family.
The epic Something Inside Me….Died opens with a scene straight out of a mysterious thriller. Droning pads are matched with contrasting eerie toy pianos before a monster chugging bassline fades up, getting us into full on trance mode. Pounding beats soon take over, driving the rhythms and forcing us to move. Subtle acid lines intertwine with cool FX creating colourful textures while the main synth lead adds an air of warming melodies. A serious dark trancer for the discerning clubber.
Shrine Of The Spring Night Forest intros with a sublime sequence filled with contrasting pads that cover the low end and high end frequency range. Thumping kicks burst through as the pads fade out leaving a powerful rolling bassline in their wake. Soft arpeggios dish out mesmeric melodies as the tight drums keep the floor rocking. A series of big synth sequences take us high into the trance stratosphere and on the break we’re treated to a beautifully crafted melodic arrangement that climaxes with a massive drum roll which slams us back into full on mode. A monster sound that will not disappoint.

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Cambridge, UK based DJ and producer PRO-Gram aka James Curtis joins the ranks of JOOF Mantra with the impeccable psy trance grooves of ‘Angel In The Desert’.

James has been producing hard trance for a few years under his DJ Holocaust guise, carving out a solid reputation in that area. But, he has always loved the psy arena, mixing it up in sets or producing it to his own style. He is impressed by the current state of psy with artists such as Ace Ventura by Yoni Oshrat Astrix, Side Effects, Symbolic , Lyctum, Liquid Soul (official) and Vertical Mode among others having a big impact on him. PRO-Gram is his new alias focussing on progressive psy trance productions and mixes. An exciting time for this talented artist we’re delighted to have him on board.

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Basil is Back on JOOF Recordings.

Basil O’Glue aka Greek artist Haris Vasiloglou joins us at JOOF Recordings with ‘The Mars projec’t which features a stellar remix from Gordey Tsukanov. Basil O’Glue is no stranger to JOOF having already seen releases on JOOF Mantra and JOOF Recordings. John has hailed him as progressive stalwart, and sings his praise and supported continually on Global Trance Grooves. The Original Mix of The Mars Project is a superb definition of trance in its contemporary form. Right from the off were drawn into the sound thanks to those pumping kick drums and rhythmic hi hats that lead us up to the bassline which is where the magic happens here. The bassline moves effortlessly through the sound, controlling the groove while scathing synth riffs come through. Swirling pads create a rich tapestry that captivates. On the break the synths are let loose alongside a fantastic crescendo l before we’re thrust back into full on mode for the duration. Another monster track from Timewave that will not disappoint. Gordey Tsukanov is up on remix duties delivering another fine slice of trance for the floors. The Russian genius is never going to let you down. Creating another symphonic masterpiece, shattering the sound levels throughout. Gordey Tsukanov is pushing his owns boundaries continually with his epic host of incredible and cinematic progressive trance masterpieces. He’s also no stranger to Basil O’Glue’s home label, Saturate Audio, and through his array of high quality releases. Gordey has seen support from some of the world’s biggest and most floor shaking DJs such as Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Aly & Fila and we’re sure there’s more to come. Join us at our prestigious label in following the work of Basil O’Glue. Take this track to the dancefloors that you’re DJing for, it’s one long car journeys, incredible mixes, and for just relaxing on your own.

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Timewave returns with the outstanding ‘Decadence’ on JOOF Recordings.

Timewave aka Finnish artist Antti Ervasti joins us at JOOF Recordings with Decadence which features a top notch remix from Simon Templar. Like many high quality Scandinavian trance artists before him, time continues to break the mould in the trance scene, delivering innovation and innovation with every release.

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New guy Alex Morelli joins JOOF Aura with the stunning release ‘Sleepy Nation’.

Rosario, Argentina based producer Alex Morelli marks his JOOF Aura debut with the tantalising progressive grooves of this two tracker entitled Sleepy Nation/Covenant, which comes backed up with three solid remixes offering something for all kinds of sets. In the last few years Alex has enjoyed a plethora of releases across several quality labels. His sound has been picked up by many jocks with a growing support base coming with every release. We’re delighted to have him on board here at JOOF Aura and we know you’re going to enjoy this solid pack.

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Label Boss John 00 Fleming returns this week to give you ‘We Close Doors’.

After the huge success of Spirit awaking, Chemical Equilibrium and his recent collaboration with Solarstone ‘Hemisphere’s, label boss John 00 Fleming returns back to his Progressive Trance roots with yet another magical moment of musical bliss. Breathtaking melody is guaranteed to take you in a hypnotic state, white the deep driving beats throw those heads down.
This single becomes a very serious weapon due to the remixes from the very best quality producers on this planet, adding many flavours from Eeemus One Million Toys, Façade – Joof Recordings and John Dopping.

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Out this week we have JOOF DJ SESSIONS VOL. 4 By Fonarev.

Fonarev is a true legend of the Russian electronic scene, a DJ thats been pioneering the electronic scene for 30 years in his homeland.

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Out this week we bring you Progressions Album.

JOOF recordings historically started as a Progressive label, that also mirrored label boss John 00 Fleming’s musical taste, think back to his famed BBC Radio 1 Essential mixes in 2000/1 and his gold disc award winning Progressive Euphoria albums. Here we are nearly 20 years later with history repeating itself as we find ourselves swamped in a huge amount of high quality Progressive music in all its forms from Progressive Trance to Progressive House/Techno. So much so, that we’ve created an album of the best ever tracks for you to enjoy from the biggest players in this musical field. A true masterpiece reflecting the current musical direction of the scene.

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