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More great news on Daniel Lesden latest release.

Here’s more  good news about our golden boy Daniel Lesden latest release ‘Surreal EP’ Nicely sitting at #8 at both Trance and PsyTrance Beatport sales chart, as well as featured on ‘Must Hear PsyTrance’ chart.
This really is a fantastic release.

23 March 2016 News Read more

Daniel Lesden ‘Enuma Elish’ Review

We love that our producers are getting the love and support they deserve and here’s a fantastic review from Zone Magazine on Daniel Lesden ‘Enuma Elish’ doing just that.

21 March 2016 News Read more

Liquid Sound’s new release in the top ten Psytrance chart

JOOF Mantra’s latest release from Liquid Sound is currently sitting at #8 Psytrance releases chart alongside with some other very strong releases such as Astrix, Avalon and more.

14 March 2016 News Read more

Latin Intelligent, a new comer to JOOF provides with this spearheading EP

Throughout the ‘Reactor EP’, he delicately exhibits his new and trailblazing sound that’s submerged with lush chord hits, futuristic effects, and a pulchritudinous deep bassline. This enticing EP doesn’t disappoint, and will flatter all lovers of deep music.

9 March 2016 News Read more

Facade returns with a mesmerizing EP on JOOF Recordings.

London based producer, Adam Thomas better known as Facade returns with us for a mesmerizing EP. This release is the paragon of all things JOOF. Throughout this EP, we’re set ablaze with stomping tribal percussion, lush pads, and exotic wind istruments that bewitchingly leave us in a deep state of Trance. Facade is one to watch, and is currently setting the underground alight.

29 February 2016 News Read more

JOOF Editions Bank Holiday Sunday 29th May

JOOF Editions debut show at KOKO London last year with Ace Ventura, Alex Di Stefano and Airwave was undoubtedly the highlight of 2015. Bank Holiday Sunday 29th May 2016 will see the JOOF Recordings roadshow roll into London town again for a label/artist/DJ showcase like no other!

23 February 2016 News Read more

Matt Holliday’s latest release on JOOF Aura

We’ve been giving this new single from Matt Holliday some heavy support, this being the first release on JOOF AURA. Matt Holliday comes with us with this historic release, the first release of our new label ‘JOOF Aura’. Holliday is perfect to open up the mysterious gates of ‘Aura’ inside you’ll find subtle attention to detail, elusive pads, and deep lying basslines. It’s clear Matt’s devotion and passion towards the deeper side of progressive, has created a sense of viseral enchantment for his fans.

4 February 2016 News Read more

Moon tripper making his mark on JOOF mantra

One of psy-trance’s neoteric producers Moon Tripper opens up the rebranded JOOF Mantra with his enormous debut album ‘Ancient Space’. Gain entree into Moon Tripper interpretation of the universe. Embellished with slick basslines, left-field effects, and absorbing melodies, Ancient Space will propel you to places more beautiful than we ever promised. Already this superb album has reached number 12 in Beatport chart, a fantastic start to our JOOF Mantra imprint.

2 February 2016 News Read more

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