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Back to our roots

Label boss John 00 Fleming has reconnected with two old friends that he’s supported for many years. DJ San and Sebastian Moore have connected to collaborate on this mind-blowing forward thinking EP that is simply tailor-made for JOOF Aura and has been a big part of John’s set.

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Looking Back. To Look Forward is a masterpiece from our very own John 00 Fleming.

Label Boss John 00 Fleming has been on fire lately, He’s been a leader and innovator in the scene for over 30 years, and Looking Back. To Look Forward. conceptualises his wisdom and his experience. A ground-stomping groove, a riveting eastern-melody, and haunting vocals are delicately woven into this track with the sole purposes of making the dance floor stomp their feet, this is monitor-shaking, edge-of-your seat music.

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KORKMAZ Joins us at JOOF Recordings for his debut single Angelic Host.

This is JOOF at it’s finest. KORKMAZ has nailed the progressive JOOF sound and level of skill involved in building a substantial amount of energy and creating a forward thinking prog-tech journey. Angelic Host contains a entrancing groove and a melody that gradually expands to encompass the entire track. A truly mesmerizing release.


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This weeks release is from Cetera, It’s pacy, energetic & otherworldly.

It’s a favourite food among much of the world and a favourite track among us here at the JOOF office. bACON AND cHIPs is unique, not only with it’s stylized title, but with it’s sound. It’s pacey and energetic, it’s otherworldly, and it’s innovating. The break is hypnotic, mesmerizing, and all encompassing – it grabs you by the gurn and transcends into a dynamic, high energy groove.

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Out today on JOOF Mantra John ’00’ Fleming and Eeemus curate a remarkably delightful journey through space and time

The embodiment of funky progressive psy-trance has arrived. John 00 Fleming​ and EEEMUS​ curate a remarkably delightful journey through space and time. A rousing build, a modish bassline and delicate hint of acid, saturated in a gorgeous soundscape that’s teeming with atmosphere dropped straight from the vine.

JOOF favourite Basil O’Glue​ takes the remixes duties to another level.





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Is it Progressive? Is it Techno? Is it modern day Trance Music? Danilo Ercole & Rafael Osmo team up to create one of the most unique and mesmerizing releases of the year with Tribuna.

Calling this release groovy would be an understatement. After running a series of test runs with the JOOF A&Rs, this tune has blown them off their seats. Inspired by tribal sounds, this release is quite simply monstrous. Get a campfire, a couple of good friends, and your favourite intoxicants ready, ‘Tribuna’ is here to rock you from the waist-down.

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F-Act​, a name that we are proud to have here with us on JOOF Recordings.

A deep and mesmerizing sound, F-Act’s ‘Hymn’ is quite simply gorgeous, imbued with flavors of classic trance and modern progressive to create something truly sublime. Hymn will having you ascending into outer space.

On the b-side we have interlude, an incredible track with clever drum production, elegant pads, and a lavish atmosphere. This is all woven together with a driving and heavy bass line.

Get into a hypnotic state and let Hymn take you to galaxies far beyond our reaches.

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Firm favourite on JOOF Recordings and someone who’s been part of the JOOF Team, Gary Delaney is back with a beautiful single ‘Little groovy plucks’.

Gary Delaney was personally found by label boss John 00 Fleming, back then at just 16 years old John and the JOOF team identified that he had a very special unique talent and instantly signed him and guided him on his journey where he is today.

Gary has always stood out doing his own musical thing, and thats what makes him stand out and get the attention from many of the A list DJs today. ‘Little groovy plucks’ is testament to this, breaking all the musical rules and boundaries with flavours and Techno, Progressive House yet having the drive and energy of Trance. Its a weapon on a track.

25 June 2018 News Read more

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