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Atomic Dawn

Atomic Dawn

Label: JOOF Mantra

Release date: 2019-03-11

Catalog number: JM128

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Atomic Dawn (Original Mix)
James Monro
Atomic Dawn (Visua Remix)
James Monro, Visua
Atomic Dawn (EEEMUS's Post-Apocalyptic Remix)
James Monro, EEEMUS
Atomic Dawn (Andromedha Remix)
James Monro, Andromedha
Atomic Dawn (Slam Duck Remix)
James Monro, Slam Duck
Atomic Dawn (Roby M Rage Remix)
James Monro, Roby M

We’re so very excited to have the legendary James Monro onboard here at JOOF Recordings for his debut JOOF Release: Atomic Dawn. Within Atomic Dawn, you’ll find ground-shaking basslines, hard-hitting stabs, and a speedy pace to the track that is quite literally incredible, psy-esq lasers prance around throughout, has the groovy hard hitting bassline steals the show.

With all styles inclusive, this package comes with remixes from Visua, EEEMUS, Andromedha, Slam Duck, and Roby M Rage. There’s something for every dark soul within Atomic Dawn.