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Chemical Equilibrium

Chemical Equilibrium

Label: JOOF Aura

Release date: 2016-04-04

Catalog number: JA004

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Chemical Equilibrium (Original Mix)
John 00 Fleming
Chemical Equilibrium feat. Subandrio (Subandrio's 'Global Mission Remix')
John 00 Fleming, Subandrio, Subandrio
Chemical Equilibrium (WesStraub Remix)
John 00 Fleming, WesStraub

When label boss John 00 Fleming launched ‘JOOF Aura’, he was unquestionably going to get in on the action. With ‘Chemical Equilibrium’, John’s astounding alchemy in the studio comes to fruition. This track is deep, yet hair-raising and spine tingling. Inside you’ll find tech-drive grooves, lush vocals and immersive pads. On remix duties we have Wes Straub and the rising star of UAE Subandrio who add a new level of deep-seated grooves to the track.