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Label: JOOF Recordings

Release date: 2007-05-15

Catalog number: JOOF039

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Endelexia (Original Mix)
John 00 Fleming, Wizzy Noise
Endelexia (Beetseekers Remix)
John 00 Fleming, Wizzy Noise, Beetseekers
Endelexia (The Digital Blonde Remix)
John 00 Fleming, Wizzy Noise, The Digital Blonde
Endelexia (Jay Selway Remix)
John 00 Fleming, Wizzy Noise, Jay Selway
Endelexia (John C Remix)
John 00 Fleming, Wizzy Noise, John C
Endelexia (Nicholas Bennison Remix)
John 00 Fleming, Wizzy Noise, Nicholas Bennison

We can hide the fact that this union between two of the most respected Trance producers seems to be a winning combination. Their previous single ‘Cydonia’ received 5 continuous weeks play on BBC Radio 1, one of the weeks being announced ‘Tune of the week’ and another being voted by the listeners and ‘their current favourite’ track!! John 00 Fleming & Wizzy Noise have taken things in a much more serious direction with ‘Endelexia’. They both share the same passion for their roots of underground Trance music. I think you’ll agree this is one serious slab of Trance music. Another huge package of quality remixes will ensure that all dancefloors are kept happy, ranging from John C’s awesome Progressive remix to JOOF’s current man of the moment’s, Jay Selway’s Psy edged remix. Fitting perfectly in the middle we have The Digital Blonde and Beetseekers remixes and we welcome the USA’s finest producer, Nicholas Bennison. We think you’ll agree something for everyone.