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Label: JOOF Recordings

Release date: 2013-11-25

Catalog number: JOOF162

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Fuji (Original Mix)
Airwave, The Digital Blonde
Fuji (Aladiah Remix)
Airwave, The Digital Blonde, Aladiah

We’re a big fan of experiments at JOOF, we love putting artists together in the studio to see what magic flows. In this case we have two of the best artists on the planet that have created an outstanding melodic masterpiece. Thats the beauty of experiments, naturally with these guys you’d expect something quite powerful and euphoric, yet the opposite happened and they created the genre that belongs to them and something we need MORE of!

To add to the package a JOOF favourite Aladiah had his hand firmly held high to do his very own interpitaion of Fuji, heading in his much loved classic Psy style.