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Label: JOOF Recordings

Release date: 2017-09-25

Catalog number: JOOF277

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Go (Original Mix)
Jamie Baggotts
Go (Mark Found 'Grr' Remix)
Jamie Baggotts, Mark Found
Go (J. Michael Kober Remix)
J Michael Kober, Jamie Baggotts

A fond staple of modern progressive trance, Jamie Baggotts brings us ‘Go’. Entwined in this amazing track are lovely drums, a driving rhythm, and an amazing atmosphere that will send audiences into the netherworld. Groove driven and deep, ‘Go’ serves as the perfect middle ground between the Progressive House scene and the Trance scene.

To add two cherries on top, we have a set of remixes that set the track ablaze in a different light with Mark Found and J. Michael Kober gracefully touching this immense piece of music with their underground sound.