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Label: JOOF Recordings

Release date: 2016-06-27

Catalog number: JOOF259

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Nymeria (Original Mix)
Gary Delaney
Nymeria (Rafael Osmo Remix)
Rafael Osmo, Gary Delaney
Nymeria (The Digital Blonde Remix)
The Digital Blonde, Gary Delaney

JOOF Boy Gary Delaney is back, this time with a new sound that he hasn’t explored before. Named after Arya Stark’s fierce direwolf, ‘Nymeria’ is lush with a mysterious atmospheres, otherworldly vocals, and tribal percussion that will send dancefloors into the netherworld. On remix duties we have JOOF Legend The Digital Blonde and the contemporary Rafael Osmo whom each add their own unique flair. This one is not to be missed.